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Learn How To Create An Online Course In 1 Day From Scratch Using Teachable

Why You need to create online course? Here is the answers…

Knowledge is the most valuable asset one can have and once you are willing to share the knowledge you possess, you and people associated with you, everyone will get benefited. Now the big question is how to share it

The world has become boundary-less and you can share your knowledge with someone 1000s mile away and in the current world gaining knowledge is easier than ever with your mobile and computers. Your online presence makes it possible to share your valuable knowledge with everyone and today we will learn how to create an online course in one day.

Thousands’ and thousands of students are doing online course right now!!! More than ever and this is going to grow.

In whatever field you are, be it academics, personal training, yoga, cooking, music people are looking for a guide or mentor for the knowledge you have and they are ready to pay you.

Time has changed, online systematic presence is the new requirement. Your hundreds and thousands of students and followers are looking for your guidance and knowledge. 

You may have your online videos but they are jumbled all over the place. Students are not able to get in an organized manner and are getting distracted with all other videos scrolling next to your videos.

Moreover, even after your best, you are not able to monitor your students’ progress, guide them, and take a test to check their learning. In other words, you have no control over the learning process.

Students need teachers’ guidance and they required regular monitoring of their progress, that is why we send children to school. School or coaching provides systematic course content, gives a direction, and constantly monitoring the student progress. You can also do this for your student through your online course.

This is the time when you can help your students with a more structured online course as you do in classroom studies or in your coaching centers or in your school.

Believe me, You will be helping your students in a big way, and in the process, you making lots of money for yourself!!!

To create your own course you need an online course platform that will give complete control of your course and its management.

I am using teachable after a lot of research and it is one of the most course creation and management platform. It is easy to use and you can have your course and even school online in a matter of a few hours.

For many of us who are looking for complete control of our courses and freedom of pricing tends to use Teachable. Unlike many platforms such as Udemy, Teachable model is creator-focused and it takes care of all technical, hosting, and payment related to online school and course.



Teachable is a tool which is helping thousands of teachers who wants to create and sell online course without worrying about the technical aspects of coding and web development. 

You can get your course all set up and selling easily using their simple dashboard and features – which would take longer with your own WordPress system.

You can also choose the prices you want to charge and have direct control over your communication and marketing with students (which you can’t do with an online course marketplace).

1- Choose Your Course Topic

Choosing your course topic is most important as it determines your audiences, your teaching methods, pricing.
The course topic should be specific and you should not cover too wide a range. It is not profitable and not good from the student’s point of view if the topic is too wide. Topics should be divided into various sub-topics and lessons for better coverage if you are trying to cover a lot of information.

2- Your Course should have demand in the market

Create a course that has a high demand in the market. You have to do some market research about the topic and course to understand the demand. Many course creators try to avoid some high demand course due to high competitions but high competitions show that people are looking for these courses and it is worth investing more time.

3- Create compelling benefits learning outcomes

No one is going to invest time and money if they do not know how your courses are going to help. Your students should know how the course is going to help them and having a clear learning outcome will ensure their enrollment and high level of satisfaction.
Having a clear learning goal is one of the keys to success.

4- Gather your course content

The course content should be precise and clear. Content should be aligned with the learning outcome. Do not load tons of information as it will confuse the student and overloading will decrease the value of the course content. Having short to the point and objective oriented course content is the best.

5- Created your course structure

In this step, you need to organize your content in a progressive and logical manner so that they form a flowing sequence of lessons.

6- Select the most effective way to deliver each lesson

Different content needs different delivery methods such as videos, reading content, activities, audio content. You need to make sure that you have a balance of visual, audio, and practical methodologies so that everyone is engaged and provided with the optimum learning experience.

7- Setup your online course

The next step is to set up your online course content which we will discuss later on this page.

8- Setup your online school

You need a few contents and sub contents (lessons). You and do this by creating a school where you will be hosting a number of exciting content. This is explained in greater details below.

9- Select the pricing of your course

Selecting pricing for your course is the most difficult part. There is no right or wrong pricing. You need to understand that the price of content depend on what is its learning outcome. It may be free or have some fees or combinations.
Never lower your price due to competitions as it will lower the value of course even it is better than the competition.
You can always lower or adjust the price based on your course content as you grow and learn.

10-Launch and market to your audience

If you think the work is over now that you’ve completed on your online course think again now the real work begins!

Too many course creators make the mistake of thinking that once their course is created, they now have an income stream. You need a launch and ongoing marketing strategy to promote your course and enroll students.

Will you run early bird discount promotions?
Do you have a content marketing plan that will sell your online courses?
Will you run ads?
Do you have a list to market to?
Can you partner up with influencers?
Will you run an affiliate program?
How will you use social media?
The list is endless.

Make sure that you have at least an 18-month marketing plan for your online course and remember that the second you stop marketing is the second you stop selling.

The course creation interface of Teachable is easy and simple. When you visit the Teachable home page you see the below interface.
You just need to signup to login and set your password.

This is how you create your Teachable account.

Next you fill you business name.

Try to put the business name which is relevant to your course but do not worry!!!!

You can always change as many time as you want.

Next you will need to fill below details. Try to select the closest match or the best match.

After completion this step you school and business is ready.

Once you complete the above steps you will see the below interface which is simple.


Most of the option you will need throughout the course and school is there on the left side of the screen.


I strongly recommend you to sign up for a Teachable webinar as this will help you to use Teachable in a more efficient you and you will learn more options and updates.


There are plenty of onboarding tutorials and also videos in Knowledge Base. You can find this at bottom of the left side menu under help and TeachableU


In Create a product you create your online courses and coaching.

In Edit your site you get your log and setup your look and feel of the home page of your school or course which students will see.

You need to try different options and do explore some existing courses on how they look before you start.

It is easy and you will love it!!!

This is your webinar interface.

Please check the time as this shows Eastern Standard time which may be different form your time zone.

Below is the interface you are going to see when you click on – Create a product.

You and also see this page when you click on products, it expands as will show you these two option Courses and Coaching. 

In Edit your site option and when you click on the site left menu you will see the below interface.

This is how your student will see it.

You can edit the image, school name and you can see an instant preview of how your online school and the course will look like!!!

Your domain name is your school address where students will find all your online courses.

Under setup, your domain names your put the name you want. You can edit it at a later stage whenever you want or need it.

I will recommend not to change unless it is required so please select your domain name carefully.

Now let's put some content in your first online course !!!

You have explored most of the important options and links.

Click the link Products on the left menu sidebar.

It will expand and show two options Courses and Coaching.

Click on courses and you will see the below interface and click on the new course button.

After you click on New Course you will see the below interface.

At the bottom of the page, you will find a few options.

1- Add Information

2- Add Curriculum

3- Add Price

4- Publish


Add Information to create your online course

In the course title, you put the main title of the course.

In the course subtitle, you put short learning outcomes.

Put the author-name

Add Curriculum to create your online course

If your course is on MATH then various lessons which you are going to cover will be your curriculums such as algebra , arithmetic etc.

We have put Algebra as the first curriculum under algebra you start adding one or more lectures as required.

For each course, you will add as many curriculums required depending on your course and then add a lecture

Here you need to refer the course outline you’ve created and create relevant sections inside which the lectures will be created. Think of these sections as modules inside which the relevant lectures will be added.

Next is adding lectures to your curriculum.

Here you can add files, text, quiz, and also code inside the lectures.

If you are willing to add video lectures, you need to drag in your video file and upload it under “add file” section.

In the “add text” section, you can include premium text or image content. You’ll have a text editor wherein you can insert the text.

You can also add quizzes in the middle of the lectures to keep the students engaged. With the Teachable’s professional plan, you can also make the quizzes graded and make the results appear in the course completion reports.


Certificates for Students

Teachable also offers you to create course completion certificates. It has the best certification mechanism compared to any other course creation platform.
These certificates will only be available to the students once they complete the course.

There are various certificate templates, and you can create custom templates with Liquid/HTML if you are a developer.

Course Pricing for Students

After adding the curriculum, it’s time for you to set pricing for your course.
There are four pricing plans:

  1. Free.
  2. Subscription (enables you to do membership-style courses)
  3. One-time purchase.
  4. Payment plan.
    You can consider hosting your lead magnets or courses that enable you to warm up your leads in the free category.

I only recommend you to go for subscription pricing, only if you manage to add value on an ongoing basis. The subscription pricing option enables you to transform your Teachable platform as a membership platform as well.
There are very flexible pricing options for you to market your courses effectively. The subscription payment option enables you to create memberships with ease.

Sales and Analytics For Your Online Course

In the sales section, you can see the complete breakdown of the revenue you generated by selling courses on Teachable.

You can see the individual transactions as they happen, statements, breakdown, upsell earnings, and also reserves that you can withdraw.

Other than this, Teachable also has great Analytics features.

When you click on the name of any of your students, you can view their profile and edit some information.

create online course teachable

You can view how many times your students logged in, their IPs, you can change their email, password, name and also add notes.

Along with this you can also see the courses they’ve enrolled in, cancel them, change their role, activate them as an affiliate, and also see their course progress reports.

The ability to tell the course progress on a per-student basis is very useful.

You can also view the overall macro-level engagement reports on a per-course basis.

Teachable comes with three premium plans.

  1. Basic: Comes with all the essential features. But it lacks some features like graded quizzes, advanced theme customization (power editor), advanced reports, unbranded website, certificates, and also course compliance features. 5% transaction fee for every sale is quite a downside.
  2.  Professional: It comes with all the features of Teachable except for custom user roles, manual student bulk imports, and enrollments. 
  3. Business: It comes with all the features that Teachable has ever got to offer.

If you are new to create your first online course, Teachable is a place where you should start. You will save lots of time as it is the most user friendly of all the available platforms in the market at a very reasonable price.

In Teachable you will only focus on your area like creating great course content, engaging with your students, and promoting and selling your online course as the rest is taken care of by Teachable itself.

You are going to start a great journey today. Best of luck