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Haircut Styles For Girls

haircut styles for girls

Bored with your old hairstyle and want new haircut and style? Here are some famous haircut styles for girls .Haircuts and style for girls are of top most importance as it completely transforms your look and confidence.We will guide through some of the most preferred haircut style and some hair care tips.

Haircut Styles for girls are complex. Lets have a look on worlds most famous haircut and styles for girls.

Haircuts for Girls

Hair styles for Girls

Haircuts for Girls

Bob haircut for Girls

Bob cuts also popularly know as bob will never go out of style. It is medium cut hair till jaw level straight form head and at the front, it is fringe and covers your ears. Generally, it is always above the shoulders. Lots of innovation have done in this cut and with all the variety it has you will never get bored.Here are some best haircut styles for girls in bob

A-line bob haircuts

A typical bob cut, with slightly longer hair in front that frames the face, typically curling under the chin.

Aline Bob Cut has longer hair in front above shoulders and curling under the chin. These cuts are shorter at the back which gradually increases towards the front. 

This hair cut is never out of style and goes with most of the faces and hair texture.

A-line bob hair cut for girls

Buzz-cut bob haircuts

These are very short hair cuts generally done with an electric machine .

 Buzz cuts are done by cutting your hair very close to your head and you have nothing to hide. It has a uniform length back and sides. You should always consider the shape of your head before going for this cut. 

It looks good if you have sharp features or a soft look. Buzz-cut bob looks neat and easy to maintain.

Buzz-cut bob haircut styles for girls

Chin-length bob haircuts

These are a type of bob cuts which has length till your chin or just below the chin and middle of the neck. 

It looks good on all types of faces but looks great on narrow faces.


haircut styles for girls Chin-length bob haircuts

Inverted bob haircuts

Inverted bob is similar to A-Line with long front hair and short back but has tapered back with stacked layers and hence look curved at the back.

 You can have different styles and look great on most of the faces.

haircut styles for girls Inverted bob haircuts

Shaggy Bob haircuts

Shaggy bob is a layered messy bob created using the razor cut technique to add choppy ends and textured layers that can be asymmetrical or blunt. 

This cut has evolved over time and lots of styles can be done with this cut. It has never out of fashion and you will keep seeing it with a new style every time. 

This is a great cut for women with short hair.

Shaggy Bob haircuts

Shingle bob haircuts

This bob is cut are short at the back till the neck hairline or even slightly shorter. 

The sides are cut at a slant, with the shortest hair at the nape of the neck and the longest hair falling at the bottom tip of the earlobe and forming a curl.

The shingle was the most popular hairstyle of the 1920s

haircut styles for girls Shingle bob haircuts

Shoulder-length bob haircuts

Bobs which reach the shoulders and has less or no layers.

These are long enough to try various types of syles and goes with almost every face cut and texture.

These cuts are evergreen and quite fashionable.

haircut styles for girls Shoulder-length bob haircuts

Pixie haircuts for girls

Pixie cuts are short-form back and side and longer at the top with a shorter bang. This cut goes with thick and textured hair. 

Thinner hair may not get that look as these cut need hair volume. These cuts we can see as a variant of crop cut. A well-done cut of this sort will be well-layered showing off the shape of the head or parts of it. 

It is wonderful to cut if you have short hair or looking for a new cut. Goes with most face shapes. Easy to maintain and people will love this if you having this cut. You will love these trendy pixie cuts.

 Here are the best haircut styles for girls in pixie.

Pixie Wedge haircuts

Pixie Wedge cut has side and top longer which gives volume to your overall look.

Great for the woman on go.If you have thin or fine hair go for a shorter pixie wedge cut.

A great solution for thick and textured hair.

haircut styles for girls Pixie Wedge haircuts

Feathered Pixie haircuts

Feathered Pixie cut has highlight and has layered cut.

 It is great for both short hair pixie and long hair pixie.

Fashionable for every age and most short-haired women loves this cut.

haircut styles for girls Feathered Pixie haircuts

Classic Pixie haircuts

Classic Pixie worked well with all sorts of hair.

These are textured layered cut with hairline visible at the back or slightly covered. 

Long hair at the top and side. Goes with most of the face cuts especially long.

haircut styles for girls Classic Pixie haircuts

Two-Tone Pixie haircuts

As the name suggests these pixie cut have two-tone darker shade at the bottom with darker tone from the top. 

Look great and big, yes to have.

haircut styles for girls Two-Tone Pixie haircuts

Pixie Bob haircuts

It is half of both pixie and bob. Haircut length ranges between ear-length and neck-length.

In a bob pixie, the hair in front is left long, falling over the cheeks and usually cut at a slant. 

It creates the illusion of long bangs.

haircut styles for girls Pixie Bob haircuts

Disconnected Pixie haircuts

Pixies usually hug the head closely.

In this type, the hair on the sides is left slightly longer and cut in layers.

This creates a tousled look that keeps the basic pixie length and shape.

haircut styles for girls Disconnected Pixie haircuts

Choppy Pixie haircuts

Short, sharp layers define the texture on this version of the pixie.

The layers give this cut a shaggy look.

It’s a modern update on the classic. Styling the layers upward adds some edge.

haircut styles for girls Choppy Pixie haircuts

Shag Haircut for girls

shag haircut

Typically a Shag haircut has multiple layers and its length varies. These layered are at the top and sides.

 The shortest is often at the top and the longest usually establishes the hair length. The shag is low maintenance, yet exhibits a sexy, sultry, and trendsetting style that appeals to women of all ages and lifestyles. 

This cut is for all lengths – short, medium, and long. It goes well with both thin and thick hair which can be straight and curly. 

On short or medium-length hair, this cut looks best on hair types that have natural movement or light waves to give a little volume and texture to the structure of the cut.

Bangs haircut


You can find bang haircut with most of the hair cuts and hair type long, medium, short.

Bangs are the lock of hair that fall on your forehead from front hairline and are above eyebrows have a wide range of varieties in length.

 Mostly these are straight hair falling from the scalp but there is some variety such as arc, ragged, etc. Short-haired and medium-haired women prefers bangs and it goes well with all type of medium and short-haired cuts. 

Bangs also go well with long hair but are less common although they look great.Here are the best haircut styles for girls with bang.

Straight-across or full bangs haircuts:

In this cut the hair are combed straight down on forehead.

(image source Wikipedia)

Straight-across or full bangs haircuts:

Side-swept bangs haircuts:

These bangs longer than straight bangs and are swept on the right or left side.

These cuts are of chin-length and will cover your eyes if not side-swept.You can choose either an uneven or natural look.

(image source Wikipedia)

Side-swept bangs haircuts

Blunt bangs haircuts:

Blunt bangs are cut straight falling on your forehead but has more volume full bang.

It has no feathering and is cut thicker.

It goes with most of the face shapes.

Blunt bangs haircuts

See-through or wispy bangs haircuts:

See-through bangs can be worn as a straight bang or side-swept bangs. The front bangs are longer and are made less dense by cutting vertical or at an angle. 

See-through can easily be concealed by its thinness without the trimmed portion even being noticed. 


See-through or wispy bangs haircuts

Angled or asymmetrical bangs haircut

Angled or asymmetrical bangs are cut at an angle so that one side of the bang is shorter than the other side. 

The length gradually increase from one side to another. It can also be cut into a side-swept style and brushed back to enhance the effect.

Angled or asymmetrical bangs haircut

Arch or rounded bangs haircut

Arch or rounded bangs are done by making an arch with shorter at the middle and longer at both the end. 

Hair length gradually increase from center to both the side in a round shape like an arch. This style is thicker and looks heavier than straight-across bangs.

Arch or rounded bangs haircut

Curtain bang haircuts:

Bangs are parted down the middle, framing your face on each side.

Similar to arch/rounded fringe in structure yet longer in terms of length.

Curtain bang haircuts

Baby or statement short bangs:

The hair is usually cut above the brows, normally bluntly across the middle of the forehead, but maybe shorter.

Baby or statement short bangs

Brow-skimming or Textured bangs:

It fall below the eye brow and it may be heavy or light with uneven, choppy looking fringe.

Brow-skimming or Textured bangs

Layered haircuts :

Layered haircuts

You can find layered hair cut in most favorites of many of the hairstylist. Layered cut hairstyle makes your hair look lightly and create an illusion on volume.

In layered hair cut the top hair is cut shorter than the beneath layer and is seamlessly blend. Layered cut also helps the thick or heavy hairs to look less bulky.

 These cuts go with all types of hair and length. Modern days cuts involve lots of different types of layers. These are very versatile because you can wear your medium and long hair with layers loose or pull it into a classy updos, a casual ponytail, braid it, twist it. There can be distinct layering with obvious layers or blended layering with soft layers. 

Hair color can also amplify the layering effect that layers give in a certain hairstyle. Layered haircut and styles for girls are the most preferred.


Mohawk haircuts :

Mohawk haircuts

Hair cut which is done by shaving both the side hair or cutting the too short till the root and leaving a strip of hair much longer in the center of your head. 

You need to be bold enough to carry this style which may attract a lot of attention.No so common but easily noticeable haircut.


Hair Styles for Girls

Updos Hair Styles for Girls

haircut style for girls updos

Updos are mostly complicated and done for special occasions such as weddings. This is a type of hairstyle which involves arranging your hair upwards. Updos can be simple 

such as a ponytail and can be complicated if you getting it done for your wedding. This hairstyle is very elaborated when done for special occasions and have wide.

range of styles and generally involves lots of hairpins and hairpieces. It looks great on all types of hair long, medium, short. You can check a wide range of updos which yous hairstyles before getting in done.


Messy Hair Styles for Girls

haircut syles for girls

The messy hairstyle gives the impression that it is not styled and casually hold but you need to put effort to get this hairstyle. This hairstyle is considered to be cute and fun. 

The messy hairstyle gives the impression of imperfection and this the best part of it.

 You can do this styling with long, short, medium hair. Messy bun and messy updo is the most popular and considered great style for women at go.


Vintage Hair styles for Girls

haircut styles for girls

There are lots of Vintage hairstyles which were very popular in the past and now they are worn with a modern touch. 

Pinup hairstyles, elegant vintage updos, and downdos are worn to theme parties, weddings, and every day. 

The modern flair can be achieved with trendy hair color, trendy texture or intricately braided elements that show off the braided patterns popular today

Braided Hair styles for Girls


Braided hairstyles embrace plenty of terrific versatile versions.

It include protective natural braided hairstyles for long, medium and short hair, showy tree braids and braided mohawks, big or small box braids and inventive braided updos, chic fishtails, classy french braids and twist braids. 


Ponytail Hair styles for Girls


A ponytail is a hairstyle in which some, most or all of the hair on the head is pulled away from the face, gathered and secured at the back of the head with a hair tie, clip, or other similar device and allowed to hang freely from that point. It gets its name from its resemblance to the tail of a pony.

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