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How to Dress for Work

dress for work formal dress

 The way you dress for work make the other feel more confident about you and take your work seriousness.

It might seem unfair people gauging you based on how you are dressed, but this is the truth.

You should wear what you love to wear, Right. But not always.

You want to look professional and confident and so you have to follow a certain guideline. These guidelines vary from person to person and form one office to other. The level and the work environment you work so if you are not sure it is always better to ask.
Do not forget to give your own personal touch and taste the importance it deserves.

Business Formal Dress For Men

  • A tailored one-, two-, or three-button suit in a solid, neutral color like black, gray, or navy.
  • Ties and other accessories should be both modest in color and style – solid, brighter colors (a red tie, for example), or patterned muted neutrals (a navy plaid tie) – as well as high-end in quality. No novelty ties, such as sports team patterns.
  • White, collared button-up shirts.
  • Shoes should be closed-toe oxfords in brown or black, not loafers.
  • Hair should be well-groomed. In general, short hair is most acceptable. Check with HR to see if tied-back long hair is also acceptable.
  • Nails should be clipped short, clean, and buffed. Don’t be shy about getting regular professional manicures.

Business Professional Dress For Men:

  • A one- or two-button suit. Suit colors should still be conservative, but you have more leeway with pattern – a conservative stripe or check, for instance.
  • Pressed, lighter-colored dress pants worn with a sports jacket.
  • Conservative ties, but feel free to introduce colors and patterns. For example, you can feel free to wear a blue-striped, professional tie, but no novelty ties.
  • High-end accessories, such as watches (preferably silver, gold, or white gold) and cuff links, if necessary.
  • Shirts should be collared button-ups, but can be colored, as long as the color is fairly conservative. Blue, burgundy, or gray all work well.
  • Shoes should be conservatively colored oxfords or polished loafers in black or brown.
  • Hair and nails should be groomed, but check with HR on acceptable hairstyles.

Business Professional Dress For Women:

  • A suit or skirt, top, and jacket in a conservative neutral color, such as black, brown, or navy.
  • Collared button-up shirts that may be any solid color.
  • Dark or nude-colored hosiery.
  • Closed-toe pumps in a neutral color such as black or brown.
  • Larger, more noticeable jewelry – as long as it’s not distracting. Think along the lines of one statement necklace or a chunky watch. High quality is preferred.
  • Skirts never more than two finger-widths above the knees.
  • Well-groomed, neutral nails. May be clear coat or beige.
  • Hair should be neat and groomed, but check with HR on acceptable cuts and colors.

Business Casual Dress For Men

  • Can wear colored, collared button-ups in any color. Conservative patterns such as checks or stripes are acceptable too, worn with or without a tie. This short sleeve knit stretch shirt from NiceStuff Clothing is a great example: comfortable yet elegant.
  • Ties should still be conservative in pattern. Avoid novelty ties, and choose patterns like dots, stripes, or checks. Most colors are acceptable.
  • Pullovers and sweaters worn over collared shirt. Choose solid, striped, or another conservatively patterned sweater. Primary and jewel-toned colors are best.
  • Dressy slacks, such as black dress pants or pressed khakis in the summer, worn with or without a sports jacket.
  • More casual accessories, such as a leather-band watch.
  • Shoes can be oxfords, loafers, or another comfortable yet dressy choice, in brown or black. Avoid sneakers.
  • May offer more leeway for hairstyles, allowing for longer hair (check with HR).
  • Nails should be clean and short.

Business Casual Dress For Women

  • Colored shirts and blouses, rather than mandatory collared button-downs. Choose solid colors, or muted patterns like stripes or checks, and avoid low-cut shirts or bright patterns.
  • Slacks and khakis.
  • Larger jewelry, such as a statement necklace or large cuff-style watch. Doesn’t necessarily need to be the highest quality – gemstones and other casual materials are fine. Scarves may also be appropriate.
  • Shoes may be comfortable flats and loafers, as well as pumps, but should remain closed-toe. Can be any color, although black, brown, red, navy, and gray are among the most appropriate.
  • Nails should be well-groomed, but there can be a few restrictions on colors.
  • Hair can be more casual, with less conservative colors and even more noticeable (chunky or high-contrast) highlights generally acceptable. It should still be neatly styled, such as blow-dried, or in a ponytail or bun.

Dress for Work :Points to Remember

  • If you have doubt it is better not to wear them.
  • Try to keep you dress as neutral and covered as possible.
  • You clothes should be well fitted.If skin is visible when you are sitting or bending then it is better to wear something different.
  • Oversize clothes are big No.
  • Most of the work places do not allow facial piercing as it make you look less professional. It is better to take it out or cover till the time you are at work place.
  • No Flip-flops. More you feet is  covered more professional it look.
  • Leggings are not an alternate for pants.

Dress for Work: Wardrobe Tips

For Women

  • Must have -A black pencil skirt, a white blouse, wide leg trousers (in gray, black or tan), black pumps and an elegant hand bag.
  • Suits -Pants or skirt with a matching jacket.It may be of pure wool or blend.Most preferred colors are navy, charcoal gray and black.
  • Shirts – Cotton or cotton Blend preferably long sleeves.
  • Blouses – Neutral color preferred. can be button ups, turtle necks, shells, or fashion blouses.
  • Skirts – Modest Length. Make sure the skirt is appropriate for walking, climbing stairs and sitting. 
  • Jewelry- A modest necklace, and few rings preferably one per hand.
  • Shoes – Must be clean and polished. Wear comfortable ones. Heels no higher than two inches preferred.
  • Socks – The only requirement of socks is that they match the color of your shoes and slacks.Exposing skin due to short socks or no hosiery is not professional.
  • Grooming – Keep hair out of your face and brushed. Nails should be painted a natural color.Avoid too much color.
  • Accessories – The lesser,it is better.Handbags should match your outfit, as well as scarves and belts.

For Men

  • Must have – Button up shirts, a dark and light pair of slacks, dark dress shoes and a simple belt.
  • Suit – Matching pants and jackets preferably dark color.Best material is wool,wool blend in dark color such as grey, charcoal and black.
  • Shirt – Long sleeve shirts light color are preferred.
  • Jewelry – Only one ring and watch.
  • Ties- Pure silk or similar fabric which do not wrinkle and stain resistance.Geometric, diagonal stripe, small to medium dotted, or solid tie which compliment your suit. 
  • Shoes – Leather shoes with or without shoes ties.
  • Socks – The only requirement of socks is that they match the color of your shoes and slacks.Exposing skin due to short socks or no hosiery is not professional.
  • Grooming – hair, nails, and teeth well maintained.
  • Accessories- Vests, cuff links, and ties should matching your outfit.But keep it at minimum.

The 5 Levels Of Business Attire: Dress For Work

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