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Clothes For Summer Season

clothes for summer season

Deciding on Clothes for the summer season needs a lot of effort because you cannot wear too many clothes, the sun causes you to sweat and you want to feel comfortable. Dressing smart and wearing the right type of clothes, you can beat the heat in style.

Tips on clothes for summer season.

Cotton is the best. 
Cotton fabrics are light, breathable and soft. It also absorbs sweat and helps them to evaporate and helps you to stay cool. Soaking sweats prevent your skin from bacteria and yeast. Most of the synthetic fabrics are not breathable and do mot absorb sweat due to which cotton is considered to be the best. Cotton is generally cheaper than other fabrics and comes in a verity of color and style.

Go for Light colors.
We all know dark colors absorb light (heat) and dark color reflects them. These go into our clothes also. Color such as white, yellow and other light shades help you

to keep cool as they reflect light and are cooler than darker shade clothes.

Wear Loose Clothes.
Loose Clothes are more comfortable as it allows your body to move freely and air circulation. In Summer your blood vessels tend to dilate in summer so that your body

can cool itself by letting heat escape through your skin and wearing tight cloth restricts this cooling process.

Cover your body.
In summer try to cover your body as far as possible as the heat may burn your body. Covering your body with the right type of clothes also helps in cooling through sweating

which does not get evaporated immediately due to the cloth you wear. You get protected from UV rays and other types of skin infections.

Use Summer Accessories
Take a hat or an umbrella while going out. These will cover your head from the harmful rays of the sun. The eyes are also protected and you will tan less. The

perspiration will also not disturb you if you use an umbrella to remain in the cooler shade.

Best Clothes for Summer (Fabrics)


Cotton is a natural fiber which allows air to circulate and move freely through the fabric, ensuring airflow that dries out damp areas of the body. A good quality lightweight cotton also absorbs moisture and comes in a variety of styles and colors.


Khadi is light and breathable, and will keep you comfortable in the summer. This handspun, natural, skin friendly, and organic fabric is ideal for Indian weather conditions and keeps the wearer cool in summers. Khadi is a skin-friendly fabric which is breathable and no chemicals are used in manufacturing.


Linen is a textile made from the fibers of the flax plant. The fiber is very strong, absorbent, and dries faster than cotton. Because of these characteristics, garments made of linen are valued for being comfortable to wear in hot weather. Many other products are also made from line .(Wikipedia)


Rayon absorbs more sweat than cotton and keeps you cool in summer. These are lightweight man-made fabrics and are thin. Rayon is not as breathable as cotton but is consider good for summer clothing.


Both Denim and Chambray are often confused because of their similar look. Both of these are very good absorbent of sweat and are breathable. These are heavy fabric but if you have right thread count and elasticity these are good for summer clothing.

Worst Clothes for Summer (Fabrics)


Nylon is a synthetic fiber and it is one of the worst fabric to wear as it has very low absorption and hence it will not good for skin, These fabrics are non-breathable and trap the heat. You will feel more heat if you wear nylon.


Acrylic like nylon are hot and abrasive and trap heat. These are man-made fabrics and Non-breathable. Wearing these fabrics in summer may cause skin allergies. It is better to avoid it.


Polyester is a synthetic material and is water resistance and your body will not get air to keep it cool if you wear polyester garments. It has very low absorbent to sweat and it is better to avoid polyester in summer.


Vinyl is man-made fabrics and are almost waterproof and hence no water absorption and no airflow. It is a big no summer clothing.

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