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Clothes for Rainy Season

clothes for rainy season

Clothes for rainy season are tricky. You need to protect yourself from rain and also maintain the style while covering yourself with airtight waterproof clothes which will make you feel suffocating due to no airflow and humidity. To avoid fashion mishaps we will tell you some of the tips.
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Tips For Clothes for Rainy Season

  • Go for organic clothes they are breathable and you will not sweat due to humidity.
  • Choose Lightweight clothes as they dry quickly. Avoid Silk.
  • You can wear bright color dresses.
  • Dark Shades are good they will hide the watermarks and stains which you might get.
  • You can also dress in layers so that you can take out when wet.
  • Avoid any transparent fabrics.
  • Use canvas totes, vinyl handbags, and avoid leather handbags
  • Use waterproof makeups.
  • Limit your use of accessories. Wooden and metallic jewelry can get spoiled in rain.
  • Use rubber sole shoes. Invest in a good pair of rain boots.
  • Have an umbrella in your handbag.

5 Point to Know

Rainy Seasons may be hot, Humid, Cold, and you may face the sun.Here are 5 points you should now.

  1.  Fabrics
    Whatever you where your fabric play the most important part in your comfort and style. The fabric of clothes should be such that they dry off quickly and resist the stains of mud and water like cotton, crepe silk, and natural fabrics. It’s better to avoid fabrics that stick to the skin when they get wet. The fabrics which could be worn during Indian monsoon are light cotton and partially synthetic lycra, polyester, and nylon. The fabrics should be of dark colors as light colors can get stained easily or become transparent when wet.
  2.  Raincoat
    There are a whole lot of raincoats both waterproof and water-resistance are available. You should choose your raincoat keeping in mind that it do not interface your movement and easy to remove. It also depend on how much exposure to open whether you are going to get. Going on a meeting need more protection as you do not want to be seen wet by your client so you can have a long raincoat.
  3. Shoes
    Wear shoes with a rubber sole as they are non-slippery and it will not get damaged due to water. You can also replace your leather or by leather look like shoes which are much easier to clean and maintain during the rainy season. Use overshoes if required it is rain cover for your shoes.
  4. Bags and Handbags
    Go for bags that are waterproof or water-resistant.There are lots of bags which have inbuild rain covers which are good to have. Bags made from nylon, polyesters are great options. Avoid using your expensive leather bags, keep them for dry seasons but still if you want to use bag cover are widely available.
  5. Accessories
    Limit your accessories during rainy seasons. Rainwater may spoil it looks and it will be extra items to protect when you get caught in rains. Avoid wearing metallic or wooden jewelry during this season. Use accessories that are not getting damaged in rain

Working Men's clothes for rainy season

  1. Trench Coats
    The classic trench coat never goes out of style and is a perfect gear for a rainy day. One of the best stylish rainy day outfits for men, a khaki trench coat will make you look timeless and classy. An ideal trench coat features buckle straps on sleeves, a stand collar with a throat latch, and a back saddle, all of which intend to keep the water away. The pockets are big and deep enough to tug away from the small items safely.
  2. Raincoats
    If you want more of a typical monsoon look then a raincoat is the perfect option to settle for, which is also an alternative to a trench coat. Made of synthetic materials like nylon or polyester, a raincoat is much light weighted and the best stylish rainy day outfit for men. If you are carrying a backpack, it can be easily slid into your raincoat to protect from the lashing waters. Available in various colors and designs, men have plenty of options to choose from. Being a minimalist, a raincoat is casual and a fantastic choice.
  3. Shoes
    Since monsoon days can cause a lot of slippery feet, it is necessary to put on rubber soles for your shoes. Shoes sans rubber soles tend to make us slip even on the tiniest water droplets, which is why a high-quality rubber sole is needed. This makes the shoe water-resistant and prevents you from slipping.
  4. Overshoes or Galoshes
    When it pours outside, most of you choose to invest in a pair of water-resistant footwear, made specially to be worn during the monsoon. If you do not wish to do so, you have an option to wear overshoes or galoshes. Instead of sacrificing your favorite pair of shoes, you can slip on overshoes that are made from rubber. They make it for a perfect rainy day outfit without ruining your look and scores a 10/10 for keeping the water off your shoes, something which men fantasize about when walking down a street during a rainy day. It is a boon to have galoshes put over your shoes, making them resistant to the mud collected on them after someone stamps on your feet. To get more insights on how to choose the best men’s shoes for rainy season.

Working Women clothes for rainy season

  1. Top Wear
    Top wear should be such which can be worn with or without a jacket, if in case your jacket gets wet you can hang it without a second thought if you wearing a nice top. Classic trench coat never goes out of style and is a perfect gear for a rainy day
  2. Trousers or Skirts
    Monsoon is one of the best time to wear short or knee-length pants. You can also try three quarters and Capri. Avoid full-length trousers as they get muddied due to splash-backs or in puddles. Avoid long skirts during the monsoon season. Try short or knee-length, pencil cut skirts.
  3. Wear Color Dress
    A light color dress gets transparent when wet. It gets marks or stain of droplets so it is better go for bright color in rainy seasons.
  4. Monsoon friendly Accessories
    Avoid wearing metallic or wooden jewelry during this season. Do not over-accessorize.
  5. Keep a pair of nice shoes at the office to change if needed.

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